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Unfinished Song

Unfinished Song

It’s such a personal thing to choose something to wear, and so it’s a big deal to me when you take home a piece of jewelry from our shop, either for yourself or to give as a gift. These words that I add to jewelry mean something to me and I’m finding (as I knew I would) that they mean something to you, too.

On their own, beautiful sentences can move us, but being able to hold those words gives them another kind of weight and power. As a touchstone—worn over that space where the heart lives, between soul and bone, the place where a sigh begins.

These words that move us are sea and soul, wind and wild. The ground, gravity. Air. Anchor. A firefly that lights up the small room of our cupped hands before we set it free to illuminate darkness other than our own.

We owe a debt to Rumi, Rilke, Whitman, and all of the writers who lend their words to remind us of what we know already and what we have yet to learn. Their words are the initials that they, over centuries, have carved into this tree of life.

And we’re the lucky ones, all these years later, to get to run a hand over those words. To find, in their grooves, the longing and certainty and doubt and truth and hope that fuel the fire of our existence. We are marked by their words. We carry them with us from the minute we read them.

Fortune tellers point to the life lines that run across our hands. I like to imagine the ones that must run through our souls.


We’re doing something new with this next necklace design. I found some gorgeous amethyst stones, and I’ve decided it might be nice to give you a few quotes from which to choose. (Who doesn’t like to have choices?) They will be in the same design as the Ocean in a Drop and Affair with the Moon necklaces, but with an amethyst stone.

ocean 2

I’m calling it the Unfinished Song necklace, from the Rilke quote below. Select your favorite quote from these, and I’ll create a necklace just for you:

  • You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you. —Isadora Duncan
  • One moment your life is a stone in you, and the next, a star. —Rilke
  • And I circle ten thousand years long; And I still don’t know if I’m a falcon, a storm, or an unfinished song. —Rilke
  • The brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen. —Rilke

A note: I will only have ten of the amethyst stones, and five are spoken for already (wow!), so I’m making the necklaces available for order now so you can be sure you will get one. (They will ship in about a week.)

Take a look




  • Veronica

    I wore my Affair with the Moon necklace to work today and had several people ask me about it. I jotted down the info on where they could get one. Next time (and I *know* there will be a next time because I love your work so much) include a business card or two in my order and I’ll happy pass them on when I get the inevitable compliments.

    As always, I love your lyrical writing. 🙂

    May 21, 2014 at 11:32 pm