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Beautiful words on jewelry, ornaments, bookmarks, magnets, journals, tableware, t-shirts, and anything else that's not nailed down. We go weak in the knees for vast wide open anywhere, but especially Montana.
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The magic of making things

the emerson t-shirt

The magic of making things

In the spare room, in one of the boxes I always neglect to label when I move (the family photos are for sure in a box marked ‘kitchen’ or ‘books’—if at all—which tells you everything there is to know about how good I am at packing), a few letters to my grandparents are tucked away. Yesterday, I was trying to remember the first thing I ever designed or made by hand. The pet rock with the furry eyebrows and plastic eyes probably takes the crown, but the stationery I designed when I was 7 or 8 was where the real action happened.

At the top left corner, an uppercase J or S would start things off. A flourish over the J, or a swoosh to start the S, then four or five colors for shading or drawing an ornate box around the initial.

I sent off those letters with an extra bit of hope that my grandparents in Oklahoma would see the effort I’d made to dress things up, and I hoped they got a kick out of it, too. In time, after my grandparents passed on, those letters circled back to me, and it was a sweet thing to know that they had saved them.

And all these years later, I still love making things. I’m wild about the from-thin-air magic of it all that starts with an idea and ends with something lovely or useful. Or, in the best kind of alchemy, both.

For all those reasons, I’m especially delighted by our Emerson shirt, the very first t-shirt (fireworks! confetti!) in our collection. As you can see, we’re pretty excited to show it to you.

From the time I started to learn calligraphy, I knew that I wanted to use the skill to add favorite quotes to things we use and see every day. If it’s not nailed down, and probably even if it is, it’s bound to end up with beautiful words on it. We’ve got a list of quotes queued up for a spot on the next t-shirt or necklace pendant, and the endless possibilities are so much fun to imagine.

For now, we hope you love the shirt was much as we do, and we hope that Ralph Waldo Emerson would approve of what we made from his beautiful words. That matters to us.

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  the emerson t-shirt





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