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Beautiful words on jewelry, ornaments, bookmarks, magnets, journals, tableware, t-shirts, and anything else that's not nailed down. We go weak in the knees for vast wide open anywhere, but especially Montana.
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Unfinished Song

It's such a personal thing to choose something to wear, and so it's a big deal to me when you take home a piece of jewelry from our shop, either for yourself or to give as a gift. These words that I add to jewelry mean something to me and I'm finding (as I knew I would) that they mean something to you, too. On their own, beautiful sentences can move us, but being able to hold those words gives them another kind of weight and power. As a touchstone—worn over that space where the heart lives, between soul and bone, the place where a sigh begins. These words that move us are sea and soul, wind and wild. The ground, gravity. Air. Anchor. A firefly that lights up the small...

the emerson t-shirt

The magic of making things

In the spare room, in one of the boxes I always neglect to label when I move (the family photos are for sure in a box marked 'kitchen' or 'books'—if at all—which tells you everything there is to know about how good I am at packing), a few letters to my grandparents are tucked away. Yesterday, I was trying to remember the first thing I ever designed or made by hand. The pet rock with the furry eyebrows and plastic eyes probably takes the crown, but the stationery I designed when I was 7 or 8 was where the real action happened. At the top left corner, an uppercase J or S would start things off. A flourish over the J, or a swoosh to start the...

The beginning…

Twenty or so years ago, a studio apartment in southern Missouri, my first apartment on my own. I slept on a Murphy bed, which wasn't as charming (or funny) as it looks in the movies. But the rent was $265 a month, and I made just over minimum wage working the reception desk at a doctor's office. The best thing about that apartment (besides the rock bottom rent) was a wall in the kitchen, to the right of the refrigerator and left of the stove. I've always collected favorite quotes, in notebooks and on scraps of paper in folders, so I decided to cover that wall with words. I wrote out dozens of them—close to 100, I'd say—and taped them to that wall, floor to ceiling. In the...