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Beautiful words on jewelry, ornaments, bookmarks, magnets, journals, tableware, t-shirts, and anything else that's not nailed down. We go weak in the knees for vast wide open anywhere, but especially Montana.
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livingston potholder - Fifty8 Acres

A cabin, a nail, a story

Your cabin, just south of Livingston. The early snow calls for hot chocolate, and it’s your turn to make it. Any minute now, the other one of you will push a shoulder against the door and stamp snow off of boots before unloading another armful of wood by the fire. You slide the kettle off the burner and hang these potholders on that bent nail that you can’t bring yourself to replace. (Who put it there? How long ago? If only the nail could talk.) On that nail in this Montana cabin, these potholders look like they’re meant to be, but they’d hold their own in a shiny kitchen, too, wouldn’t you say? Simple cotton yarn, all dressed up with a 1 ½” silver berry concho. A bit of suede lacing makes it easy...

Fifty8 Acres jewelry packaging

Brown paper packages tied up with…beautiful words (string, too)

Around here, because Fifty8 Acres is a small company, the distance between an idea to seeing it come to life is usually pretty short. This morning's packaging idea is a perfect example of that. Last week, I ran out of the craft paper envelopes I've been using for wrapping up jewelry, and I've been trying to come up with something a step or two (or more) above that. Something that would have a lovely wow factor to give you a beautiful moment in your day. (I think about that moment, because I want the world to slow down a little when you open a package from us.) Well, one thing led to another, as happens in the idea factory. A couple of hours later, and this. Since we put quotes on darn near everything else, it makes perfect...

For the wild at heart - Fifty8 Acres

For the wild at heart

This might sound a little strange, but we think about you a lot. (Yes, you.) It's easy enough for us to tell our own story, to share what makes us light up and to weave this thread of a dream through each idea for something new to make and send out into the world. But in order to create things that we think you might love, we put a lot of stock in this belief that we share some common ground with you. Sure, we all have different jobs and houses and cars and families, but this is something else. No matter how your life looks on the outside, I like to think that there's a piece of you that wishes to live in a cabin...

Wild Horse necklace

The words that sent her to Missoula

Blame it or praise it, there’s no denying the wild horse in us. — Virginia Woolf She scribbled the words onto the last blank page of her notebook and slipped the copy of  Jacob's Room back onto the shelf. The shopkeeper didn’t look impatient, exactly, but he fussed with the already-tidy stacks of pens and bookmarks next to the register. Minutes ago, he’d turned the sign from Open to Closed. She charmed him with a wide smile and said goodbye. A week later, she packed the notebook in a box labeled ‘misc,' and a month after that, in a little apartment over a bar in Missoula, she sat cross-legged on the floor and drew a scissor blade through the tape that sealed that box. She pulled out the notebook and fluttered through...

the emerson t-shirt

The magic of making things

In the spare room, in one of the boxes I always neglect to label when I move (the family photos are for sure in a box marked 'kitchen' or 'books'—if at all—which tells you everything there is to know about how good I am at packing), a few letters to my grandparents are tucked away. Yesterday, I was trying to remember the first thing I ever designed or made by hand. The pet rock with the furry eyebrows and plastic eyes probably takes the crown, but the stationery I designed when I was 7 or 8 was where the real action happened. At the top left corner, an uppercase J or S would start things off. A flourish over the J, or a swoosh to start the...